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AMFGLEO History - Host Agencies and Presidents
Year State President
1944 Nebraska Paul Gilbert, Director
1945 Illinois Bob Sparks, LE Chief
1946 Minnesota E.R. Starkweather, Chief
1947 Wisconsin George S. Hadlund, Chief
1948 Michigan Durwood Robson, Chief
1949 Iowa Ray Beckman, Chief
1950 South Dakota N.E. McEachron, Asst. Director
1951 Missouri Vernon Bennet, Chief
1952 Indiana M. Davis, Chief
1953 North Dakota Irvin Reidman, Chief
1954 Nebraska W.R. Cunningham, Chief
1955 Illinois J.H. Fitzgerald, Chief
1956 Minnesota F.W. Johnson, Chief
1957 Montana Mel J. Watt, Chief
1958 Wisconsin George S. Hadlund, Chief
1959 Michigan Everett E. Tucker, Chief
1960 Iowa Earl T. Rose, Chief
1961 South Dakota Virgil R. Johnson, Chief
1962 Saskatchewan Jack C. Shaver, Game Admin.
1963 Colorado W.F. Hunn, Chief
1964 Manitoba Arnold P. Davey, Chief
1965 Missouri James L. Bailey, Chief
1966 Wyoming Earl M. Thomas, Chief
1967 Illinois Martin E. Joyce, Chief
1968 Nebraska Carl E. Gettman, Chief
1969 Minnesota F.W. Johnson, Asst. Chief
1970 North Dakota Harold H. Spitzer, Chief
1971 Ontario James F. Gage, Chief
1972 Canadian Wildlife Service Jack C. Shaver, Enf. Coord.
1973 Wisconsin Walter J. Zelinske, Chief
1974 Montana Orville Lewis, LE Admin.
1975 Michigan G.M. Dahl, Chief
1976 South Dakota Mel Brunken
1977 Iowa Ken Kakac, Chief
1978 Ohio Dale Roach, Chief
1979 Kansas Frank Nesmith, Chief
1980 Canadian Wildlife Services Jack Shaver, Enf. Coord.
1981 Indiana David A. Croonquist, Asst. Chief (CO)
1982 Colorado David A. Croonquist, Asst. Chief
1983 Illinois Don Hastings, Invst. Supr.
1984 Missouri John Frye, Asst. Chief
1985 Saskatchewan David Harvey, Enf. Coord.
1986 Nebraska Donald Schaepler, Chief
1987 Minnesota Fred Hammer, Chief
1988 Canadian Wildlife Service Joseph St. Pierre, Enf. Coord.
1989 Alberta Robert Adams, Chief
1990 Kansas Omar Stavlo, Chief
1991 Wisconsin Ralph Christensen, Chief
1992 Ontario Dale Gartley, Chief
1993 South Dakota Ron Catlin, LE Admin.
1994 Montana Erv Kent, LE Admin.
1995 Ohio Richard T. Scott, Chief
1996 North Dakota Ray Goetz, Chief
1997 Kentucky David Loveless, Chief
1998 Missouri Ron Glover, Chief
1999 Michigan Herb Burns, Chief
2000 Saskatchewan David Harvey, Enf. Coord.
2001 Kansas Kevin Jones, Director
2002 Illinois Larry D. Closson, Chief
2003 Colorado Eric Harper, Asst. Chief
2004 Texas David Sinclair, Chief
2005 Alberta Deryl Empson, Director
2006 Nebraska/Iowa Ted Blume, Administrator
2007 Wisconsin Randy Stark, Chief
2008 Florida Col. Julie Jones
2009 Illinois Rafael Gutierrez, Director (meeting cancelled)
2010 Illinois Rafael Gutierrez, Director
2011 South Dakota Andy Alban, Chief (ex. meeting, no general)
2012 Kansas Kevin Jones, Chief
2013 Michigan Gary Hagler, Chief
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