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AMFGLEO Brief History

The Association of Midwest Fish and Game Law Enforcement Officers (AMFGLEO) was chartered February 1944 at Lincoln, Nebraska. There are currently 23 member agencies from Canada and the United States. The AMFGLEO meets every year taking turns in different states and provinces. The meetings have been beneficial to the member agencies. Over the years, the AMFGLEO has become the lead group among wildlife enforcement organizations in the development and maintenance of training for field officers that protects the resource and benefits the citizens of our states, provinces, and countries.

The AMFGLEO was instrumental in establishing the national wildlife enforcement officers training coordinators group (ANRET).

The AMFGLEO initiated the Midwest Covert Investigator Training Seminar. This meeting is attended by investigators from across the United States and Canada and meets annually. One year the meeting is held in conjunction with the AMFGLEO annual meeting, the next year is a regional meeting for investigators only, and the third year the meeting is international in scope and is attended by investigators from across the US and Canada.

The AMFGLEO developed the Wildlife Forensic Field Manual. The 4th Edition was published in April, 2012. AMFGLEO sells the manual to interested states, provinces and individual officers, private citizens, attorneys, colleges and universities. Almost 23,000 copies have been sold to date.

The AMFGLEO has supported wildlife enforcement research through grants from our treasury.

The AMFGLEO provided financial support for the North American Wildlife Safeguard, Inc. (formerly the National Anti-Poaching Foundation, Inc.) while it was in operation. Members of the AMFGLEO were instrumental in establishing the International Association of Natural Resources Crimestoppers (IANRC) following the demise of NAWS. Monetary support has also been provided to the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Museum and Educational Center that is located at the Peace Gardens on the US/Canada border between North Dakota and Manitoba.

The AMFGLEO meets annually in the spring/summer. The sessions are designed to allow field personnel and law enforcement staff to learn about new issues in wildlife enforcement, discuss items of mutual interest and develop and maintain contacts that facilitate interstate and international investigations of resource violations.

The AMFGLEO has standing committees that survey the member agencies and present reports on training issues, legislation and forensics. The AMFGLEO also recognizes the officer of the year in the member agencies and may develop resolutions about issues effecting wildlife law enforcement.

Updated 8/6/13

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