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Wildlife Decomposition Analysis for Time of Death Estimates Plus Forensic Entomology Basics[Incomplete Excerpts from 19-Page Manual] (PDF)

Wildlife Decomposition Analysis for Time of Death Estimates Plus Forensic Entomology Basics [Powerpoint Presentation to Illustrate Decomposition Stages for use in Time of Death Determinations] (PDF)

Manual Order Form: Wildlife Decomposition/Time of Death Plus Forensic Entomology Basics [Available in Coil-bound Color Hardcopy or CD] (PDF)

Expanding the Use of Time of Death Determination Parameters to Carnivores – A Two Part Project (PDF)

by Carleen Gonder

Wildlife Forensic Field Manual

Edited by Danny N. Walker, Assistant State Archaeologist, Wyoming Department of Parks and Cultural Resources and William J. Adrian, Wildlife Researcher (retired), Colorado Division of Wildlife

Forensic Manual and Time of Death Manual Pricing Structure
Member Agencies Other Agencies Public
Combo Forensic Manual plus Time of Death (TOD) CD$30.00$40.00   N/A
Combo Forensic Manual plus TOD Manual$37.50$47.50$55.00
Forensic Field Manual$25.00$30.00$35.00
TOD Manual$15.00$20.00$25.00
TOD CD$10.00$15.00]   N/A

Wildlife Forensic Field Manual

— 4th Edition, April 2012 —

To obtain copies, contact:
Bob Thompson
Executive Secretary, AMFGLEO
Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife
6060 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216-1000
Phone: (303) 291-7342

On November 28, 1899, Theodore Roosevelt wrote in a letter to the State of New York Fisheries, Game and Forest Commission that "I want as game protectors men of courage, resolution, and hardihood, who can handle the rifle, ax and paddle; who can camp out in summer or winter; who can go on snow shoes, if necessary; who can go through the woods by day or by night without regard to trails." In addition to these desirable attributes, the women and men protecting our countries' natural resources today need to know and use modern day technology including wildlife forensic techniques.

In 1976, the Association of Midwest Fish and Game Law Enforcement Officers (AMFGLEO) established a committee dedicated to wildlife law enforcement research. The goal was to provide the field enforcement officer with usable techniques for determining time of death, species identification, and other information to facilitate collection and preservation of evidence for use in wildlife enforcement cases.

This manual, originally known as the "Blue Book," continues to evolve and expand on procedures developed and used by you, the wildlife enforcement officer and your counterparts in wildlife forensics. This updated 4th Edition of the Wildlife Forensic Field Manual will be a valuable tool in your day-to-day field enforcement and laboratory activities to protect, preserve, and enhance the wildlife resources of your state, province, or country.

Robert P. Thompson, Executive Secretary
January 2012

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